A Green Contribution and collaboration towards a better environment

Greencarrier’s focus on environmental improvements is constantly ongoing

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Here in an initiative by Greencarrier Freight Services in Norway, where we strive to find a solution to on one of today’s biggest challenges – emissions of plastic in the ocean.

Every minute around 15 tons of plastic end up in the ocean, polluting the environment and endangering wild life. Therefore Greencarrier wants to make a contribution towards cleaner oceans in the cities where we operate, in collaboration with our customers.

“Spilltech AS, a customer of ours, is the supplier of a product called PortBin which is a floating trashbin that collects plastic from the ocean surface in ports and can be emptied easily. This brought the idea to mind that we should use their products to contribute to cleaner oceans around the ports where we operate. Our biggest market is import by sea so it was natural for us to commit to this initiative and we hope that our customers wants to join us and work for a better environment together.” Says Aksel Marconini Cappelen, Sales Executive at Greencarrier Freight Services in Norway and the initiator to this project.

Cleaning up in ports

Greencarrier Freight Services in Norway operates port logistics in five major Norwegian cities: Moss, Larvik, Kristiansand and Bergen. The ambition is to install a PortBin in each of these ports in addition to other ports along Norways coast in the future. As an example, tests in Bergen shows that they estimate to collect about 150-200 kilos of plastic waste each year – and since plastic does not weigh a lot, that is a lot of plastic!

A Green Contribution
We now invite our customers to support us in this initiative by paying a Green Contribution, which is a small fee added to the invoice. This collaboration will contribute to a cleaner ocean to start with, and our ambition is to develop the concept and continue to find projects to help save the environment. The PortBin will be one of hopefully many future projects within Greencarrier’s own Green Contribution.

The development of the Green Contribution initiatives will be communicated on our web site, blog and social media channels.

Our approach to sustainability

You can read more about our approach to environmental improvements and sustainability in “Our Spirit” (Länk https://freightservices.greencarrier.com/sustainability-report/), the sustainability report for the Greencarrier Group.


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