​Green Cargo’s rail solution reduces Norsk Gjenvinning’s and Tekniska verken’s carbon emissions by 105,000 kg

In 2016, Green Cargo began its collaboration with Norsk Gjenvinning for rail transportation of recovered wood from Norsk Gjenvinning’s Groruddalen Miljöpark facility in Norway to Tekniska verken’s heating and power plant in Katrineholm, Sweden. This collaboration was further expanded in early November, 2017.

Deliveries of 8 to 16 containers per week from the start of the agreement have now been expanded to 24 containers in cycles, which contain 900 m3 of recovered wood. The recovered wood, which consists of old pallets and timber, is turned into woodchips in Oslo to then be delivered via environmentally friendly rail freight to Tekniska verken’s heating and power plant in Katrineholm.

“We are continually working to reduce our transportation emissions where we can. That is why this collaboration is incredibly exciting. The increase to 24 containers a week now also shows that it is working well for all parties involved. Sustainability is strategically important for Norsk Gjenvinning, and it is satisfying to find partners who also place equal importance on what we’re doing,” says Jon Bergan, Director of Norsk Gjenvinning Downstream.

The containers are transported in Green Cargo’s network, which offers fixed delivery times in existing train departures for a high degree of precision, large transport capacity, availability, and reliability for all types of freight.

“In Katrineholm, we produce electricity and district heating with 100 percent fossil-free fuels, used wood, and wood chips, with a small amount of wood pellets and biofuels. That is why being able to reduce carbon emissions from transportations is an important next step in the goal of reducing carbon emissions from our energy production,” says Anna Axelsson, head of the Tekniska verken business unit at Katrineholm Fjärrvärme Energi.

The entire chain is environmentally friendly, from modes of transportation to heating from the energy produced in the heating plant for households, commerce, and industries in Katrineholm.

“Together with Norsk Gjenvinning and Tekniska verken, we have developed an environmentally friendly logistics solution through simple, flexible measures. It’s tough logistics that places demands on all the parties, but it works when everyone wants to achieve the same results. We are pleased that we here at Green Cargo can help our customers reduce their carbon emissions and get closer to the environmental goals they have set by choosing rail instead of road transport,” says Björn Thunqvist, Strategic Sales Manager at Green Cargo.

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