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Blue Water chartered an IL-76 to fly the materials to Thule Air Base. With only two annual port calls from Denmark, air charter is a good alternative for solving logistical challenges.

Logistical challenges need to be solved quickly. Especially if the client is in the middle of a project in Greenland and cannot wait for the next ship arriving with construction materials.

This was recently the situation for Per Aarsleff A/S, but through a good cooperation with their local contact at Blue Water Aalborg and Blue Water’s chartering specialists in Esbjerg, the materials were delivered swiftly.

Construction projects in Greenland often entail logistical challenges. For Aarsleff, this is in particular the case on their Thule Air Base project as there are only two annual port calls from Denmark.

If the need for additional materials should arise outside of the window for these two port calls, it may result in very expensive waiting time. This is the reason why air charter is a good alternative.

“If our projects change during construction, the only opportunity of transporting materials to Greenland is by chartering an aircraft. With Blue Water as our partner, we have successfully transported 34 tons of materials to Greenland with a charter solution”, says Henning Juncker Christensen, who is working for Aarsleff at Thule Air Base.

Once the chartering decision was made, everything proceeded swiftly.

“It was hard work ensuring that all deliveries were made on time, making all papers ready and applying for all permits in good time. However, with good help from Blue Water, we succeeded”, says Karsten Gert Pedersen from Aarsleff.

The chartered aircraft left Billund on time, was unloaded swiftly upon arrival at Thule and all materials reached their destination on time.


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