Generational handover at Blue Water

Kurt and Anne Skov at Blue Waters HQ in Esbjerg, Denmark. Photo: Blue Water Shipping

Since Kurt Skov established Blue Water Shipping as a small local freight forwarding company in Esbjerg back in 1972, the company has grown significantly. Today Blue Water has more than 1600 employees at 58 offices.

Throughout the years, Kurt Skov’s visions have been all-important: that Blue Water shall never be sold, that the headquarters shall remain in Esbjerg, and that the company’s identity, values and the many jobs shall be safeguarded.

In 2007, he therefore decided to take a big step towards the continued existence of his life’s work – also after his passing. He established the commercial foundation: The Blue Water Foundation, the purpose of which is to contribute to securing the continued existence and development of Blue Water. 75 percent of the shares – which is the controlling interest in the Blue Water Group – were transferred to the foundation. The remaining 25 percent of the shares are owned by Kurt Skov’s own holding company, Kurt Skov Holding A/S, of which a large shareholding will now be transferred to Anne Skov.

Essential part of Blue Water

Kurt and Gyrithe Skov – and their daughter Anne Skov – have since the establishment of the foundation in 2007 formed part of the Blue Water Foundation Board which has six members in total.

Anne Skov, who for several years has filled an executive position in Blue Water’s Oil & Energy Division, became a member of the operational board at the annual general meeting in 2018. 

“Blue Water is my life’s work, and therefore it means a lot to me that the next generation has joined the ownership and the executive board. It is important to me to have this phase of the generational handover in place, and I am happy at the same time to indicate to the employees, customers, partners as well as the rest of the outside world that Anne already now is – and in particular in the future will be – an essential part of Blue Water as owner and as a member of the foundation and operational boards”, says Kurt Skov.

Maintaining the spirit

In February 2018, Kurt Skov stepped down and handed over the chief executive position to Soren Norgaard Thomsen. Kurt Skov has since felt comfortable in his position of Chairman of the Board – a little farther away from the daily operation.

Anne, who is 43 years old, has been working in the company for 20 years and built comprehensive knowledge of the business and of Blue Water.

“I am happy that my father and I share the core values of Blue Water. And these values we shall maintain and strengthen now and in the future in Blue Water. I will in the executive committees and in my daily work contribute to upholding and maintaining Blue Water’s spirit and culture”, says Anne Skov.

Source: Blue Water Shipping

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