Geodis tar i bruk droner


GEODIS and Delta Drone join forces to develop a unique solution for warehouse inventory using drones.

GEODIS and Delta Drone have signed an agreement aimed at the joint development of an automated warehouse inventory solution based on the use of drones.

An initial life-size test, has with success been carried out a GEODIS warehouse in Saint-Ouen l’Aumône, near Paris. In the long term, the solution could be made available to the 300 warehouses managed by GEODIS worldwide, representing six million square meters.

The solution which ensures counting and reporting in real time, aims to integrate the entire value chain, including data processing and retrieval in the GEODIS information system (WMS). The drone is a unique prototype designed by the engineering teams of GEODIS and Delta Drone. It combines a ground-based robot, equipped with a battery ensuring the energy required to move around a warehouse, and a quadcopter equipped with high-resolution cameras. The entire system, featuring indoor geolocation technology, functions in complete autonomy during the hours when the site is closed.

With this major investment, GEODIS is showing its determination and ability to rank among the most innovative companies in its sector. After analyzing regulatory constraints and the security of people and goods, the Group selected, from among a number of possible uses of civilian drones, a reliable and productivity-enhancing initial application.

For Delta Drone, the opportunity to place its expertise, based on the convergence of business expertise, at the service of the GEODIS Group, a leader in its sector worldwide, stands as a significant reference. It also brings the company the possibility of operating in the two key markets of Europe and the United States.

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