Samskip restarts trailer transport by rail through Denmark

Photo: Samskip

Expanding rail capacity along a key unitised freight route demonstrates Samskip’s commitment to enhance the competitiveness of its rail services into the Danish market, making a significant addition to increased customer demands.

Samskip is up taking its presence once again on various rail lanes on the European continent, after a brief period of decreasing rail haulage activity between the companies’ rail terminal in Duisburg, Germany towards the Northern European markets through Denmark. The approval given by the Danish authorities to increase rail activity was received for limited capacity which allows Samskip to increase trailer volumes via rail through Denmark. With this approval Samskip is convinced that a huge step has been made to stabilizes volumes and to get back to normal operating routines for various rail shuttles between Germany and Sweden.

Just this week the first trains departed successfully with trailers via Denmark after all partners implemented the modified procedures for safe trailer transport by rail respecting the criteria from the Danish authorities in their rail supply chain. Simultaneously Samskip keeps the current rerouting routes in place to serve all customers until all applicable volumes can be shifted back to the rail set up via Denmark.

‘’We are very happy with this decision and trust of the Danish authorities to give Samskip approval to increase our rail services through Denmark,’’ says Johan Grootkarzijn, Head of Rail Network at Samskip. ‘’Expanding our activity on this lane makes for greater service resilience for the Germany-Nordics rail option. In contrary to road haulage, rail services avoid driver delays and allows flexibility in responding to an increased demand to have cargo transported in a sustainable way with short transit times.’’

“We are glad and proud to be the first train operator to recommence the train traffic with trailers through Denmark together with our partner Samskip Multimodal”, says Anders Bellander, Commercial Director at Hector Rail. “It is of great value for the market and also for the environment that we once again are able to provide sustainable trailer transportation on train.”

This rail shipping option is available to all shippers in Europe and the UK as of today. Contact your Samskip account manager or your local Samskip office to find out more.

Source: Samskip

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