Agents for luxury liner

FL: Simon Hojen, Blue Water’s Agency department in Aarhus, Hugh Peter George Maynard, Captain of “Marella Discovery” and Lars Michael Andreasen, Port of Aarhus.Photo: Blue Water


Blue Water acted as port agents for the cruise ship during her stay in Aarhus and was responsible for coordination and providing services to the ship and her 760 crew members and 1,860 passengers.

“Marella Discovery is one of Marella Cruises’ biggest ships with highlights like an outdoor cinema, a rock climbing wall, a mini-golf course, five-storey atrium and an indoor pool. Marella Cruises is a British cruise line operated by TUI UK, offering cruise holidays around Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

“When a new ship calls at a port for the first time it is custom to host a Plaque and Key ceremony during which the ship and a representative from the Port Authorities exchange maritime plaques. Naturally this was also the case in connection with “Marella Discovery’s” inaugural call at Aarhus. In addition, Blue Water brought its own present in the form of the well-known wooden design “Standard Bearer with the Danish flag the Dannebrog” by the famous Danish designer Kay Bojesen. The Officers and crew were very happy for the present, which they described as beautiful and very Danish”, says Simon Hojen, from Blue Water’s Agency department in Aarhus.

After a successful day and a mutual hope for another port call from “Marella Discovery” in the near future, the crew thanked us for our visit on board. Subsequently the ship left port while a marching girls’ band from Aarhus played the theme from James Bond to the great excitement of the 1,860 British passengers.

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