MCV loading in Vietnam


Blue Water Singapore loaded three MCVs (module carrying vessels) safely on board Offshore Heavy Transport’s MV “Hawk” in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Careful planning was essential

The operation required months of planning due to the high technical and operational expectations from the client. Our experienced project and chartering team handled the challenges with the required professionalism and with great support from our entrusted partners.

Blue Water’s scope included the chartering of the MV “Hawk” and multiple harbour tugs, project management, engineering consultancy and supervision of the full wet and dry towage scope.

“It is a great feeling when things just fall into place after many weeks of intensive but great teamwork”, says Transport Engineer Subrata Podder and Marine & Logistics Manager and Supercargo Victor Pay, when they returned from a two-week trip to Vietnam with a big smile on their faces.

With a proud track record of over a dozen of successfully completed semi-submersible shipments within the last few years, the Project and Chartering team in Singapore is already preparing for the next shipment in June this year.

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