Transport of 1500 tons of plastic pipes

With three shipments within only two weeks, Blue Water handled the transport of 218 plastic pipes (PE) from England to the plastic recycling company Aage Vestergaard Larsen in Denmark

Photo - Courtesy of Dutch Marine, Lowestoft Port and Associated British Ports.

“Within a short time frame, Blue Water managed to solve this exceptional assignment. It was a complete success due to competent employees and a well-run organisation”, says Tommy Jensen, Logistic Coordinator at Aage Vestergaard Larsen.

Originally, the plastic pipes were towed by tug in a configuration, consisting of six 485-metre pipes and one of 315 metres, from Norway to Algeria where the pipes were to be used as cooling water inlet for a powerplant. Unfortunately, a container vessel collided with the pipes in the North Sea resulting in four pipes breaking in halves.

As a result of the incident, four pipes washed ashore on the English east coast outside the city of Lowestoft and some pipes were floating around causing a danger to navigation. Upon salvaging the pipes at sea and from the beach, they were brought into the port of Lowestoft and considered unfit for further use. The pipes were cut into 218 sections, each section measuring 2.5 metres across, weighing 652 kg per running metre and measuring 11-12 metres in length.

Dutch Marine BV was responsible for the recovery and cutting of the pipes. In Lowestoft, Blue Water handled the loading operation together with the local crane company Wavetrade and received big support from ABP (Associated British Ports) as well. The pipes had to be removed swiftly from the quay area, which had to be used for other purposes. Due to the tight deadline which had to be observed, the pipes were loaded onto three coasters and transported to Aalborg within two weeks.

“It was a challenging assignment as we had to move three shipments within two weeks. But we succeeded in finding a good solution with Scot Line”, says Søren Lassen from Blue Water.

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