Emma E-Doc expands

We celebrated our client number 500 on our E-Doc software in October 2016.

E-Doc is an electronic customs archive solution for archiving clearance documents, containing tools for VAT and customs compliance. We spent approximately 10 years on that journey.

By the end of 2017, new goals were reached, so quickly that we didn’t have time to reflect on it. There should have been an announcement, reading something like this: 10 years – 1000 clients!

We didn’t, and now we have exceded 1500 clients!

First of all, we want to thank all our existing clients and users of E-Doc.

We also want to thank all customs brokers and forwarding agents that use our systems, but just as much those that use other software, but who recognizes the benefit our common clients get. We want to thank all accountants, VAT managers and tax lawyers, that understand the complexity of the customs, VAT and tax regulations, and who continue to spread knowledge and best practices.

Thank you all for mentioning Emma Systems AS to your clients, friends, affiliates and department leaders. We thank those of you, that remember us and takes the time to consider using our systems again, when you move on in your career somewhere else.

All of you are the reason for where we are now. We thank you for your trust and will continue to develop and support.

We have added an E-Doc version for Finland (new import VAT regulations from 01.01.2018). We are making adjustments to our Swedish version. We have added the option for 2-step authentication. We have made tools for VAT calculation and analyzis of the goods item level or duties. We aim to make even better tools for the future and including new regions like DK and UK.

We know that many companies find customs and vat compliance difficult. We know that many find it hard to figure out what to do with errors made in clearences and how it potentially impacts your vat reporting or time-consuming audits. We have taken some steps, but we have more to come in the future, both in E-Doc and our clearance software, Emmasped.

We notice that there is an increased focus on the details, at least from the tax and customs departments. Norway have decided to implementSAF-T codes. This means that every company being audited must deliver their data in a standard coded format to the tax department. EU will have their Union Customs Code (UCC), including requirements for more electronic traceability and compliance.

If you have any questions or just want to have a chat regarding customs clearance or import vat, do not hesitate to contact us.


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